Theo Gainey

I Wrote Something For Sparkbox's Foundry

Since August 2022, I have been working on a React Native project. For this project, I have been working with a small team at Sparkbox to build two different mobile apps for a client. Although the team at Sparkbox has been building with React for a long time, this is the first time Sparkbox has built anything for a client using React Native. I've learned a lot during my time on this project, and I wrote about a development technique we have been using on the project.

Here's a preview:

"With a little bit of setup (hello Babel and Metro) we can use CSS modules in a React Native app. This means it is possible to style React Native apps with CSS syntax, classes, and stylesheets. Before you get too excited though, it is essential to point out that even though we can write what looks like CSS it will be ultimately transformed into JavaScript, This means we will still be subject to many of the same limitations."

Full Article: Bridging the React Native Knowledge Gap with CSS Syntax